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Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos of 2012 Fairtrade Fortnight's events in Launceston

Fairtrade Fortnight ran from the 5th of May 2012 to the 20th of May 2012.

OXFAM Australia on "Trade": 

Trade has the power to generate incredible wealth, and elevate people out of poverty. 

So why then, are millions of people still so poor?

Because the rules of controlling trade heavily... read more

Sat, 12/05/12 Fairtrade Fiesta at Brisbane Mall, Launceston 

A great start to a beautiful Saturday morning in Launceston with lovely people, delicious breakfast and awesome Fairtrade coffees at our local cafe called FRESH Cafe before the team of Oxfam-ers and Go Fair-ers set up their stalls selling Oxfam products and Go Fair ethical products. Good jobs braving the cold and promoting Fairtrade products for sustainable communities. Well done!

More photos of the Fairtrade Fiesta on Go Fair's Facebook page: click here

Sun, 13/05/12 OXFAM stall at Evandale Market 

In conjunction with Mother's Day (unknowingly planned), we had our second Oxfam stall at the Evandale Market to promote Oxfam's works and the shop at Centreway Arcade, Launceston CBD.

Sun, 20/05/12 Late breakfast coffee at Cafe Culture, Trevallyn

Many thanks to the staff members and owners of Trevallyn's Cafe Culture in supporting and selling Fairtrade coffee in the Launceston region for more than 8 years. Kudos!

Cheerio, Eric

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