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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March 2014 Meeting and Issues to Discuss

From Mrs Ros Lewis:

Tues 11th March 6pm at the Royal Oak (upstairs). 

Brigitte Wolfe will talk about her experiences at Straight Talk 2013,  Aboriginal women’s political skills training organised by Oxfam & we will also look at a  6 min film about the Close the Gap campaign.

A question to ponder: for our Button Day collection; we can

·       send the donations to Oxfam Australia for them to use according to need (as we have done previously)

·       or choose a specific Appealto donate to & use it in our promotion. Here are some to look at


  1. How about the Syrian refugee camp fund? What does everyone think?

  2. Syria or South Sudan... Both of there emergencies are in need of attention and help (in whichever form). Eric

  3. I'm happy with either, but untied donations mean Oxfam can prioritise- we can still list Syria and South Sudan as examples of where Oxfam is on the ground.