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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events (as per Mrs Ros Lewis' email)
Hello to Oxfam supporters in Tas. and all the best for 2014. Another year of challenges and everyone trying to do their own bit for global justice.
Tuesday 11 Feb. 6pm Royal Oak (upstairs) – Launceston Oxfam Group meeting including a short interesting talk (to be advised) and planning for the year.

Public Forum on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in 3 places on 3 days.
·         Monday 17 Feb. 5.45pm till 7.30pm at Launceston Town Hall
·         Tuesday 18 Feb. 5.45pm till 7.30pm at Devonport Council Chambers
·         Wednesday 19 Feb. 5.45pm till 7.30pm at Hobart Town Hall
Details at

Saturday 22 Feb. – Penny Farthing Race and Stall at Evandale (Launceston Group). Volunteers needed.
Tuesday 25 Feb. – Sign-up day at the Uni for Launceston uni group. Volunteers needed.
Wednesday 26 Feb. - Sign-up day at the Hobart Uni for uni group; also Burnie (N W). Volunteers needed.
Wednesday 5 March – Oxfam speaker(s) at Hobart College assembly. (Tim Sprod organising)
Thursday 6 March 6pm at Republic Bar (N Hobart) – Hobart Oxfam Group meeting including short talk from a speaker (to be advised).
Friday and Saturday 7 and 8  March – training in Melbourne for Tas. Uni group leaders.  (Jade Cromwell & Julie Stirling  from Hobart; Lane Edwards from Launceston)
Friday 4 April – Button Day across Tasmania.  Volunteers needed. This is an annual event where we take a tin and some stickers and stand on a footpath, mall or shopping centre so that people can put a donation in the tin. We do NOT approach them or do any sales pitch. Penny (in Hobart) or Ros (elsewhere) will help you work out a good time and place for you to get  the gear, accept donations and return the gear with money after.
Hobart volunteers please contact Penny O’Brien Penny O'Brien ( or 0439 379 640. If you have Hobart school contacts, please pass them on to Tim Sprod, Launceston and North West volunteers and school contacts, please contact Ros Lewis or 0437 741 677
We don’t yet have a date for Helen Szoke’s visit but we are working on it. We also expect to meet Ula Majewski (Campaign Coordinator) in Tas. in the near future.

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