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Monday, 6 January 2014

The Start to 2014

Dear Launceston Oxfam Group Members and Supporters, 

Happy New Year everyone!

Please see below a "copy and paste" of an email update from Mrs Ros Lewis.

The Global Education course at UTas 14th  – 16th  Jan. is on next week and non-students are also invited to some interesting lectures from very good speakers as well as the acclaimed film I am a girl

I recommend the whole program but specially the first day; key times would be 11 – 1 and 2 – 4. I’ll be attending Day 1 and also the 11-12 session on Day 2. All free. Details & registration link at

Maybe we can also get together after the movie? PLEASE POST A COMMENT (below).

Note also Wednesday 15th Jan.  from 12.00 to 1.00 Urban Farming will again host a share market at Inveresk Uni School of Art: 

Looking ahead:

Tues. 11 Feb. GROUP MEETING – 6pm at Royal Oak.

Sat. 22 Feb. – Evandale Penny Farthing festival – we decided in December & will book to hold a stall and novelty race as in 2013; we need a team! Who is interested? Can anyone do face painting? (as we now have some supplies, since the Falls Festival.) PLEASE POST A COMMENT (below).

Fri. 4 April – Button Day – at this stage, just put it in your diary.

Sat. 19 April (Easter Saturday) Barbecue for Oxfam at Bunnings – diary date.


  1. Hello from the Oxfam Shop, yes Amanda is available for the Penny Farthing Stall! Bike chain products were a hit!!

  2. Ah good news; and are you going in the wheelbarrow race too, Amanda? I've also put the word out to see if Edward Beswick can get a few more for a team. I'll try & find a few photos of last year for Eric to put up here as well. Ros

  3. Yes, I'll be up for another wheelbarrow race, I will make sure this year I have the right shoes! Amanda