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Friday, 24 February 2012

Product of the Week

Product of the week: Children's Toys! Keep your child/children entertained with great toys from the Oxfam shop or online. Even as an adult, you are most welcome to keep yourself entertained with the toys too. Toys know no age limit (advisably for some, they are for 3 years and above). Eric

Product Story: Oxfam has a beautiful range of children's toys from around the world. Barbara Sansoni designs is one of the producers of children's toys. 

"Our products are about creation and design. They are about the inspiration and influence at work behind our intense passion for colour and textiles," Barbara Sansoni, founder of BAREFOOT Sri Lanka.

In 1958, Barbara Sansoni, a colourist, and artist, created the "BAREFOOT" concept out of a need for a rehabilitation program for young Sri Lankan women - who had limited schooling and skills. Today BAREFOOT is a premier textile design company exporting exquisite hand woven fabrics, toys, linen and clothing worldwide. 

BAREFOOT Artisans are dedicated weavers and needlewomen who, without time constraints of mass productions, are able to produce premium quality workmanship. BAREFOOT Sri Lanka opposes exploitive practices. Each artisan earns a real wage enabling them to support their families with self-respect and dignity.

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