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Monday, 16 January 2012

Meeting Times for 2012

Hi all,

following on from our recent meetings, we discussed finding a regular meeting time so we can pop this in our diary for the year. Of course, there may be changes depending on whether things come up, eg guest speakers, but to get us started lets find the time that suits most people, most of the time.

We are setting up a Blog Poll to determine the most suitable day. We have nominated the first week of each month but this can be discussed when next we meet. If the best day for a meeting is a weekday, then we are assuming it is around 6pm. If a Saturday is chosen, then we will have another poll to work out the best time.

The poll closes Monday 30th January at 5pm in time for our February meeting.

To access this and vote, click on the Blog Poll icon. You are most welcome to leave your comment and/or view on the day you have selected on the 'comments' box below.

Thanks, Eric and Mara


  1. Just about any day of the week is OK with me but I don't think many people like Friday and I know one member who can't make it on Monday.

    1. I have voted for Tuesday (seeing that we have been meeting on Tuesdays) but I am okay with any other day except Monday.

  2. John & Iona Brennan18 January 2012 at 17:11

    Hi Eric and Ros (and others!),

    Happy New year, and congrats on the blogpage, it looks great! Iona and I have also voted for Tuesday (just the one vote for two of us), but could probably work around other days too. Looking forward to getting home and catching up again soon.


    John Brennan.

  3. Looks like our next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th Feb. - that's nest week! I have booked the Board Room at the Royal Oak and will put out an email notice tomorrow.
    Best wishes